Meet Our Friendly Lawrenceville, GA Dental Office Staff

The first thing you'll notice when you walk into our Lawrenceville family dental practice is the incredibly friendly and inviting atmosphere. Members of our team have been hand-picked to provide you the best possible experience during your visit to the dentist. Get to know each team member below:

Sue, Front Desk Coordinator
As Hygiene Coordinator, Sue will make sure your next appointment is reserved just for you with your favorite hygienist. Sue has 25 years experience working in the dental field and over 10 years as our team member. You will find that Sue is a pleasure to work with and is one of the reasons you will come to love visiting our office.
Tammy B., Registered Dental Hygienist
Tammy is a Certified Dental Hygienist and has been part of our dental family for over 20 years. She cleans our patients teeth and explains useful techniques for keeping our patients' gums healthy and comfortable. Tammy *will* encourage you to floss.
Angie, Registered Dental Hygienist
Angie considers herself a perfectionist, which is a great trait to have if you are a dental hygienist. She loves helping others to improve their home care skills and is a great person to confide in if you have any questions about how to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.
Tammy, Chairside Assistant
Tammy has been with Dr. Iskol for almost 14 years as a Certified Dental Assistant. You will know Tammy is here if you hear people laughing and having fun from one of the treatment rooms. With 31 years in dentistry, she is a wealth of knowledge if you have questions about your treatment. Tammy is also an accomplished oil painter.
Tracy C., Chairside Assistant
Tracy is a Certified Dental Assistant and has been part of our team for over 20 years now. She is originally from Ohio but now lives nearby with her family. Tracy is the perfect person to be your guide through your dental treatment and always makes sure patients feel especially welcome and comfortable.
Debbie, Registered Hygienist
Debbie will excite you about keeping your teeth healthy. She is a skilled hygienist that will make your dental hygiene visit fun and comfortable. She knows just about everything about preventing and treating gum disease. After your visit with Debbie you will leave with clean teeth and a new trusted friend. Debbie is contagiously happy and you will leave, well happy!
Nicol, Registered Hygienist
I am passionate about oral health care. A smile is the first thing that I notice about a person. I am not only a private practice hygienist but I also am a hygiene instructor at Athens Technical College. I want to share my love and passion of dentistry with everyone!
Tobi, Registered Dental Hygienist
Tobi has worked in the dental field for over 5 years. She previously held a leadership position in the service industry. Tobi is passionate about educating patients on how our overall oral health effects our body systematically. Your smile does effect you in so many ways! She loves to help patients relax and feel comfortable in her chair
Tracy F., Treatment Coordinator
Tracy is the newest member of our team.She brings to the office a warm welcoming smile and makes everyone feel right at home. Tracy has over 16 years of experience with customer service being her top priority.When she is away from the office she enjoys traveling and spending time with family.
Gabby has been assisting Dr. Iskol for about 10 years providing comfort to the patients and team. She loves our patients and while she may be the smallest member of our family, she has the biggest heart. Gabby acts like our office therapist, she knows when you you need a "Gabby Moment".