3 Ways To Renew Your Smile

</p> <h2>3 Ways To Renew Your Smile

When you look good, you feel good. Problems like advanced dental decay and cracked or missing teeth can rob you of your confidence, making it harder for you to live life the way you want.
Here are three ways your dentist can help you restore your smile and increase your self-esteem:


Minor dental issues don’t require lengthy surgical procedures. A dental crown is an implant that goes over your existing tooth. It is sealed into place to help with a variety of cosmetic problems.

Cover and preserve weak, misshapen, discolored, or cracked teeth.
Correct the appearance of worn or broken teeth.
Support teeth that are missing large amounts of tissue due to decay.
Children who still have their baby teeth can benefit from crowns too.

Protect and support decayed teeth that cannot be filled.
Keep certain teeth from decaying.
Add a layer of protection to delay or avoid procedures that might require heavy anesthesia.
Crowns can be made from different materials depending on the patient’s needs.

Stainless steel is normally used for adults to temporarily cover teeth while a permanent model is made. In young children, stainless steel crowns protect baby teeth from decay until they are replaced with the growth of their permanent tooth.

Metal alloys like gold and platinum are used when the crown needs to last a long time.
Porcelain crowns are permanent implants. Unlike metal alloy appliances, the porcelain can be dyed for a more natural-looking tooth.
Resin can be used to make temporary or permanent crowns. While this material is more cost-effective than others, resin crowns are prone to the effects of wear-and-tear.

When teeth can’t be saved, removal and root canal may be the best treatment choice. In that case, custom made bridges can help fill the gaps.

Dental bridges

A bridge is made using two crowns on each end of the gap. False teeth made of metal or porcelain fill the spaces. Dental bridges help correct the following problems caused by missing teeth:

Compromised appearance and face shape
Ability to chew, bite, and speak
Prevent damage to jaw and other teeth
There are three main types of bridges.

Traditional appliances that are anchored by crowns.
Cantilever bridges replace teeth in the back of the mouth that only have a supporting tooth on one side.
Maryland bonded appliances are supported by metal or porcelain frames that are bonded to existing teeth.
Bridges are an easy and long-lasting alternative to dentures.

Dental Implants

Implants are false teeth that are anchored to the gum using screws and adhesives. These devices are meant to function just like your natural teeth. They are a permanent way to fill in gaps and spaces. Dental implants offer many advantages when compared to dentures.

Easier eating and speaking.
More comfortable.
Simpler cleaning.
More convenient.
Longer lasting.
Most dental implants will last for the rest of the patient’s life. Maintaining the appearance and condition of implants is similar to caring for natural teeth.

If your smile is compromised by missing teeth, contact us at Iskol Fisk DDS to learn more about renewing your confidence with cosmetic dentistry.

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